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Swedish massage:
A classical form of massage using long, smooth and deep penetrating strokes. Experience enhanced relaxation, reducing stress and improving your overall health.

Sport massage: Sports Massage can help improve your stamina, reduce pain, increase flexibility and help prevent injury. Utilizing a combination of techniques, Sports Massage appeals to active people with sore muscles or limited range of motion. This massage is customized to meet the athlete’s specific needs by incorporating moderate to deep pressure, stretching and range of motion techniques.

Foot massage: The goal is to relax the feet from daily strains, to give them back energy in order to improve the posture of the body and to strengthen it.

Deep Tissue: Working the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Not recommended for clients who are not acclimated to deep massage.

Acupressure: An Oriental-based system of finger pressure massage which treats special points along acupuncture "meridians", the invisible channels of energy flow in the body. Blocked energy along these meridians can cause physical discomfort so the aim is to release the blocks and rebalance the natural flow.

On-site Chair Massage: On-site chair massage is a highly effective technique that provides an immediate sense of vitality and well-being. A 15 minute massage to the neck, shoulders, back, arms & hands is performed right in the office setting.
Massage Therapist, using a variety of massage techniques:Swedish, Shiatsu and Deep Muscle Massage.

Pre-natal massage: Therapy for expecting mothers to relieve pain in the back, neck, legs and other stresses encountered during pregnancy. The  therapist takes special care  for the positioning of the client.

Pediatric massage: Pediatric Massage is beneficial for children with and without special needs. The important sense of touch has amazing benefits to the physiological and emotional growth and development of children and their relationship to their parents and caregivers.


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